Ö The Mystic Link official release

Hi everybody today we released our game. Enjoy !

Ö, The Mystic Link is a dreamlike single-player action-adventure video game,  with an AI controlled four-legged friend. It was a school project made in 4 months.

In a flat world made of archipelagos, Voy, a musician traveller, discovers within the island Tae a great blue and gluttonous creature named Rua who, like her, carries strange marks. In this forbidden land, a mysterious presence does not accept their intrusion. Will Voy and Rua manage to trust each other to face this hostile environment? Immersed in a magical and mysterious world, the player discovers a fantastic creature, grow attached to it and join forces with it in their journey. Gifted with a superior intelligence to an ordinary animal, Rua has its own personality and will evolve according to the player's actions to adapt to their gameplay.


O_The_Mystic_Link_v2.4.2.zip 484 MB
Jul 29, 2019

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