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You are welcome to stream the game as long as you mention our link (https://pemdora.itch.io/o-the-mystic-link) in your video or your video description. You are not allowed to distribute or transmit any Game Content without first obtaining our consent.


Ö, The Mystic Link is a dreamlike single-player action-adventure video game,  with an AI controlled four-legged friend. It was a school project made in 4 months.

In a flat world made of archipelagos, Voy, a musician traveller, discovers within the island Tae a great blue and gluttonous creature named Rua who, like her, carries strange marks. In this forbidden land, a mysterious presence does not accept their intrusion. Will Voy and Rua manage to trust each other to face this hostile environment? Immersed in a magical and mysterious world, the player discovers a fantastic creature, grow attached to it and join forces with it in their journey. Gifted with a superior intelligence to an ordinary animal, Rua has its own personality and will evolve according to the player's actions to adapt to their gameplay.

Ö, The Mystic Link intend to amaze the player, to make them thirsty for discovery and to challenge their patience with an endearing but mischievous companion.


Gamepad recommanded. (Please don't use both gamepad and keyboard/mouse controls, this will may cause bugs.

Gamepad :


  • Directional pad or Left Joystick : Navigate in menu.
  • A : Confirm

In Game

  • Left Joystick : Move character
  • Right Joystick : Move camera
  • Select : Pause the game/See controls (this can be a spoiler)

Keyboard and Mouse : (better mapping/tuto is comming)


  • Up arrow/Down arrow or ZS : Navigate in menu.
  • Enter : Confirm

In Game

  • WASD: Move character
  • Mouse Look: Move camera
  • Escape : Pause the game/See controls (this can be a spoiler)

You can change controls after clicking on the executable in the "Input" section. 



  • Sébastien Gaumin  -- Programmer, Level Designer, Sound Designer
  • Lucile Linguet           -- Character Designer, 2D/3D Artist
  • Hubert Marret         -- Producer, Technical Artist
  • Pauline Marseglia  -- Lead Artist, 2D/3D Artist, Animator
  • Marion Michel          -- 2D/3D Artist, Narrative Designer
  • Tara Zhong                 -- Lead Programmer, Game Designer

with the help of:

  • Dominique Pautrel   -- Compositor
  • Martin Sion                    -- QA Tester


O_The_Mystic_Link_v2.4.2.zip 484 MB

Development log


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Nice game. Needs to be longer tho lol.

That was a good adventure, wish it was much longer.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Gave the game a quick look, and the art and sound are amazing! The gameplay mechanics do a good job a facilitating exploration, but I felt like the AI companion to an AI companion at times. The combat was probably the weakest point for me, as whether or not I was doing something correctly or not wasn't communicated very well and I had no idea if I was making progress on the boss. 

(1 edit)

Hi, thank you for your feedback. The game is still in developpement, so for now the combat is really hard, we still need some improvements for balancing. During the combat on the right top corner, there is an image that indicates the weak spot to defeat the Boss.

We wanted to give more personality to the AI companion but we couldn't because it was a 4-month project. Feel free to share any suggestions, I will release an update soon.